lands end woodland

2014 River Festival: August 30th and 31st

Lands End Woodland focuses on maintaining and utilizing property purchased in the 1920's as intended by the original founders. These families wanted a place for recreational activities, to fish and hunt, to have access to firewood, and to provide family burial grounds. With the influx of development into the area, the impact of increased property taxes and other encroachments, the organization is determined to honor the ancestors by protecting this property for posterity. Lands End Woodland River Festival.  Landsend Woodland River Festival.


Over the years, there has been ongoing timber farming on portions of the property. Fishing and hunting remain viable activities.


In an area adjacent to the cemetery, portions of the original plantation house and slave quarters in the form of tabby ruins have been uncovered and are in the process of being stabilized so that they can be restored. 

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